MGH Gardens


Each design is unique and our honed process allows us to design a garden that meets your aesthetic and functional needs.

After you submit a complete questionnaire and site photos, we will call you to discuss the project and set up a meeting time. If our services are a match, we will set up a consultation meeting to further discuss design concepts. After the meeting we will follow up with a design proposal. Once a deposit if received, design will commence.

Each design includes a color plan, plant lists and photos and any images relevant to the completed project.

Design Process


Each Garden Room is unique and one of a kind

Creating garden spaces that meld the clients personal aesthetic and goals with the sites architecture can result in beautiful personal outdoor urban sanctuaries. Here is our typical process. After our initial contact, the client is asked to fill out a design questionnaire and submit photos.  We will discuss the information and set up a paid consultation in which we will further explore the possibilities.  After the consult, a proposal for design services will be submitted.  Upon receipt of a design deposit, the design process will commence.  Clients will receive a color design, plant photos and list and other images relevant to the completed garden space.